Pregnancy Milestone and Moment Cards - Minimalist Monochrome Collection

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Our unique Pregnancy Moment and Milestone Cards are perfect to capture the important memories in your pregnancy and development.

These beautiful monochrome & marble 4x6 inch cards are printed on high quality 350 GSM card and packaged in a muslin drawstring bag. They can be kept as a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

The Milestones include:

12 weeks
14 weeks
16 weeks
18 weeks
20 weeks
22 weeks
24 weeks
26 weeks
28 weeks
30 weeks
32 weeks
34 weeks
36 weeks
38 weeks
40 weeks
41 weeks

We're having a baby
Our Predictions
Today we heard your heartbeat
Today is my due date
Its my baby shower today
Hospital bag is packed... not long now
I am going to be a grandma
I am going to be a grandpa
Your nursery/room is ready for you
The test was positive
Today I felt you kick
Its a boy
Its a girl

We also have a Floral Vogue Collection available as well as Baby Moment and Milestone Cards which are in store now xx

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